Custom Taxonomy Creator

WCK Custom Taxonomy Creator allows you to easily create and edit custom taxonomies for WordPress without any programming knowledge. It provides an UI for most of the arguments of register_taxonomy() function.

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Custom Taxonomy Creator Features:

Listing the taxonomies in the frontend

If you want to have a custom list in your theme, then you can pass the taxonomy name into the the_terms() function in the Loop, like so:

the_terms( $post-&gt;ID, 'people', 'People: ', ', ', ' ' );

That displays the list of People attached to each post.

Querying by taxonomy

Creating a taxonomy generally automatically creates a special query variable using WP_Query class, which we can use to retrieve posts based on. For example, to pull a list of posts that have “Bob” as a “person” taxomony in them, we will use:

$query = new WP_Query( array( 'person' =&gt; 'bob' ) );