Our Team

Adrian Șpiac

Adrian is the co-founder and CEO of Cozmoslabs. He's responsible for business development, so he's all into strategy and planning. He likes to measure and track things, permanently testing and seeking ways to reach automation.

He's a book lover, a basketball fan, and a passionate angler, deeply in love with nature and outdoor activities.

Mădălin Ungureanu

He's the lead developer of WordPress Creation Kit.

He's always been passionate about creating and shaping new things and Cozmoslabs is the perfect environment for that. Ambitious, focused and determined he's on the path to becoming a codecrafter.

He likes to think of himself as a gamer and he is willing to take you on any time in a game of Quake Live or Starcraft. Some other passions are reading (especially sci-fi novels), movies (over 1000 seen so far, yes he keeps a list) and music, rock being one of his favorite genres (Metallica rules!).

Cristian Antohe

Living in Timisoara together with his wife and their daughter, Cristian is a sci-fi fan and loves Star Trek (so far he’s watched all the series and his favorite character is Jean-Luc Picard).

He started as a web developer many years ago and learned the tools of the trade mostly all by himself.

Most of his spare time is spent with his family and friends and occasionally he likes to read www.physorg.com and www.anandtech.com.

Andreea Bercea

As a part of the Cozmoslabs team, Andreea is in charge of the Administrative & HR, which suits her well considering her love for psychology and anything related to people and human interaction.

She spends her spare time hiking & rock climbing, as well as reading, listening to music, and having brunch with her friends.

Georgian Cocora

Georgian has had a lifelong passion for technology, creating his first website while still in middle school. This childhood passion evolved into a full-time pursuit of excellence and a role as a Developer at Cozmoslabs.

Georgian's work ethic knows no bounds, and still, he is always striving to learn new things and improve his skills. He enjoys solving complicated problems, and never backs down from a challenge when he believes a solution is possible. When he isn't coding, Georgian loves to be outdoors riding his bike or getting lost in a good book.

Răzvan Mocanu

Răzvan's role as the Lead Developer of TranslatePress fits him well as he's been working on this project since the plugin's creation. He knows the product inside out and is constantly seeking to improve it.

He loves to ride his bike, practice juggling routines, and go swimming. Sometimes he gets fascinated about a subject and learns everything there is to know about it.

Flavia Mezzetti

Flavia is the Marketing Manager at Cozmoslabs and she puts the “word” in this WordPress plugin development team. She manages all Cozmoslabs content and makes sure marketing targets are met every day. Combining creativity with numbers is one of her favorite things about her job, along with the ever-evolving nature of the field.

In her spare time, she loves to travel (as much as her 3 pets with separation anxiety allow her), but also spend quality time in her at-home jungle surrounded by her beloved plants and the above-mentioned housemates.

Paul Plapșa

Having started out as a Technical Support Engineer, Paul is now working as a Developer for Profile Builder and occasionally Paid Member Subscriptions. He is an avid reader and likes spending his free time enjoying a nice book along with some good music.

Mădălina Ruzsa

Mădălina's favorite genre of series and movies are crime thriller, so the job of Happiness Engineer suits her perfectly considering that sometimes discovering the issue feels a lot like being a detective in a crime thriller. The investigative mindset helps her discover the issue by asking the correct questions and digging for answers until she has the whole picture of the situation.

Besides watching movies, Mădălina likes having a good time with her friends, traveling, and also capturing fond memories with her camera.

Alexandru Beșliu

Alex is a Happiness Support Engineer, delighted to be working with such a great team. He likes helping people, and being kind and respectful - and the fact that he can do this for customers brings him a lot of satisfaction.

He's passionate about sports, from outdoors running, climbing, and football to the calisthenics workouts, which he does almost every day after work. Besides these, drawing and designing handmade gifts are other activities that give him joy.

Emanuel Anghel

Emanuel has a passion for music and for outdoor activities. In his free time, he likes to relax and have a gaming/party session with his friends.

He also loves to go on walks where he knows that he can discover new places to enjoy the view and have a good time.

From a professional standpoint, he loves to learn new things about technology and programming to improve his skills. His favorite quote is: “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”.

Adela Orban

Adela works as a Junior Developer on TranslatePress and it fits her very well since she's a computer enthusiast, eager to learn new technologies and participate in research and development projects. She's also interested in the uses of machine learning in psychology and medicine and loves digital art and 3D modeling.

In her spare time, she loves watching horror movies, TV shows, reading, and listening to music.

Flavius Ciortan

After spending some time in search of a vocation, something to cash in on a good deal of curiosity, attention to detail, and just a hint of perfectionism, Flavius found an ideal fit in Cozmoslabs as a Web Developer.

He likes spending his spare time with his friends over an occasional game of pool, darts, an interesting board game or simply enjoying a captivating conversation.

From time to time, he appreciates the meditative effect of a long car ride over an unexplored road.

Andrei Tatov

Andrei is a member of the Cozmoslabs support team. His greatest satisfaction comes from finding a solution to one of those mind-numbing problems that you encounter once in a while.

When his schedule allows it, he is volunteering at a student organization in Timisoara with the mission of developing students.

Most of the free time that he has goes into playing video games, learning cardistry, dancing in a local Bulgarian folk dance crew, and enjoying cool sights around the city.