How It’s Made – A look at the theme and plugins that power

After several years, our website design was no longer in sync with what we wanted from our brand. It was also built at a time when responsive websites were just becoming mainstream and we never took the time to make sure it looks good on smaller devices. While we wanted to do a redesign for […]

WordPress Begin User Registration at a Specific Date and Time

Sometimes you want to begin user registrations in your WordPress site at a particular date and time in the future. Luckily it’s simple enough and it requires just a small plugin. There’s no UI and you’ll have to modify the $open_registration_time variable with your time and hour, but it’s as simple as it gets: create […]

bbPress Close All Topics

With our bbPress forums retired, I wanted to close all topics without having to go in each one of them. While I couldn’t find something that did exactly that, I did found this really nice plugin that automatically close bbPress topics after an admin-specified time period.

Tribulant Newsletter – Profile Builder Addon

An integration with the WordPress Newsletter plugin developed by has been made into the Profile Builder plugin to capture subscribers through registration forms. A new field “Newsletters” is now available in Profile Builder -> Manage Fields, allowing your users to also subscribe to various newsletters offered on your site. It is offered as a […]

WordPress AMP Plugins

WordPress AMP Plugins: Accelerated Mobile Pages

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding WordPress AMP particularly in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group. With Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google promises instant loading times for readers since AMP pages are striped down of most of the markup and have limited or no javascript scripts loaded. Some of the questions involved errors with existing plugins, […]

5 Free And Easy to Use WordPress Membership Plugins

Free and easy to use WordPress membership plugins are not a myth. Finding and getting started with them is simpler then you might think. Often website owners require visitors to sign up and become members of their platform before allowing access to the content. The solutions for WordPress users are a variety of membership plugins […]

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” explained

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” (named for jazz musician Clifford Brown) was released with over 2,000 contributions by 471 contributors. That’s the largest number of contributors to a point release by far. Here’s the short launch video for this version. As you can see, there are a lot of great things in this release like: REST API […]

What is WordPress Calypso and what does it mean for self hosted sites?

Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic recently announced a new interface for called Calypso. You can now manage your blogs, publish and edit posts as well as read other people articles all from a new look and feel. This is great, however, what’s truly remarkable is the fact that the new interface is written […]

A free WordPress Membership plugin – Paid Member Subscriptions

Sometimes, finding the right WordPress membership plugin can cause issues even for experienced developers. “A really steep learning curve” “Could not figure out how to set access levels” “Paid for the premium and got half ass support” “After activating this plugin, the speed of my site dropped dramatically” “Not developer friendly” These is all real […]

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite - Featured image

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite

Creating demo sites with WordPress Multisite is a quick way to let your customer to try your theme or plugin in a true-to-life environment. Setting up a demo site for WordPress plugins or themes can be as simple as installing WordPress and giving everyone a demo account. This has several drawbacks: anyone can overwrite what […]