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Redesigning Cozmoslabs

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 16/02/12

I’ve been working lately on a redesign / re-branding of Cozmoslabs. Designing for your self is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever done. It’s hard to say “this is good, let’s leave it like that”. There’s always that feeling that something better can exist.

And I’m sure it does exist… so I’m going to save this iteration and continue work on the redesign.

What I’m trying to achieve

As it happens I’m not redesigning Cozmoslabs just as a design exercise.

With Profile Builder we started a journey into more complex plugin development. Besides that, we’re currently alpha testing three new plugins based on our WordPress Creation Kit api available on Github. Counting the free themes available for download, newsletter and Reflection Media (Custom WordPress Solutions) things just got crowded.

We needed a fresh start, an umbrella brand that will hold under it all our released projects for now and the future.

Here’s some of the things I’m trying to achieve with this redesign:

  • Transform Cozmoslabs into a recognizable brand.
  • Bold and Simple.
  • The website redesign should support all our projects without complicated menus.
  • Bring focus to our forums / registered users.
  • The blog and articles will still be an important part of the redesign.

With those in mind I present you the future (this won’t be live for another month at least. Still lots of things to do here.)

Cozmoslabs - WordPress Solutions for Developers

On the website design part of things, I’ve already started that but I’ll post some mockups once I have a clearer idea of what I want from it. Still a little bit fuzzy on that end :).

So let me know what you think, do you like it, do you hate it? Just be blunt.

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2 thoughts on “Redesigning Cozmoslabs

    I see a lot of red. Was your office attacked by zombies? Is this all blood? Jokes aside, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Looking forward!


    Actually we attached the zombies office. Not our blood so we’re good. 🙂


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