Profile Builder Pro is WordPress Registration Done Right

Let’s face it. WordPress default registration process is no good. Hard to customize, hard to integrate it in your theme and not that user friendly.

Profile Builder Pro is WordPress Registration Done Right

  • Super easy to customize. Chose from the default styling it comes with or just add css to your theme and you’re done.
  • Include the log-in, register and sign-up forms anywhere you want. – In any page, template or widget.
  • Custom Avatar for your users. You don’t have to modify your theme to make this to work. It will work by default with the get_avatar function no matter where it’s used. (bbPress is also supported)
  • Custom Profile fields for your users. Ask your users to select their age, enter their favorite movies, etc.
  • NO-SPAM, NO-CAPCHA. Since the registration forms are in unique pages they fell off the radar of automated bots that create spam accounts. (You still have to protect the default wp registration form with a capcha. For more details, please read the following post)

What else is there?

Why, I’m glad you asked. We’ve got Priority Support, Automatic Updates, Proper Documentation and did I say we have Priority Support? We’re going to help you integrate Profile Builder Pro in your site like it was custom built from scratch.

Still not enough?

We have plans for some pretty nifty Addons for Profile Builder Pro users in the future:

  • User Profile Pages and User Archive Listing.
  • Login With Facebook and Twitter.
  • Super Simple Paypal Payments.

What about the license?

Profile Builder Pro is released under GPL license (same as WordPress). You’ll pay for Automatic Updates, Access to Support Forums, Documentation, Access to future Addons and what’s more important, YOUR payment will help us continuing our work and put food on our family’s table. Fair to say that you can use this plugin on as many WordPress sites as you see fit.

Credits & Thanks

  • Thanks to our beta testers. You’ve been more then a valuable asset to get this plugin up and running.
  • Thanks to Justin Tadlock (from his page templates of user registration, edit profile and login this plugin we got the idea and initial code to make this work).
  • Thanks to Derek Herman (we used the UI from his plugin Option Tree).
  • Thanks to everyone who downloaded and used the Basic version from
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About Cristian Antohe

Cristian Antohe is the co-founder Cozmoslabs. He's a WordPress developer, web designer and Open Source fanatic. He's part of the team that developed Profile Builder and WordPress Creation Kit and also helps curate

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12 thoughts on “Profile Builder Pro is WordPress Registration Done Right

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your purchase. You’ll receive an email with all required information on the paypal email address you purchased the product.

      If by any chance that hasn’t happen please fill out the form here: and please tell me what is the email address you made the purchase from.

      Let me know if there’s anything else.

  1. •NO-SPAM, NO-CAPCHA. Since the registration forms are in unique pages they fell off the radar of automated bots that create spam accounts.

    This isn’t true because you have to have registration open in order for the plugin to work, which means wp-register.php is still active. Even you have added a human question to your wp-register.php page.

  2. Hello There,

    I have a problem changing the message via the translation file:

    “Send these credentials via email.”

    will not getting updated after changing the po/mo file. I guess there is a probem with the “.”, but I could not figure it out.

    Perhaps you have a solution for this.
    Best regards

  3. I need a site for a Club. I need to list all registered users with a particular additional field filled (checkbox), i need to print/export the list, I need to send a mailing list to users with another additional checkbox filled and I need to disable/reenable access t the users.
    Does Profile Builder this job?

  4. Hi Christian

    We have profile builder pro installed. We have two requests.
    1) Is there a way to remove the “Send these credentials via email.” checkbox and always send the credentials via email.
    2) Will you ever add the feature to export user details?


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