Smarter Theme Teaser

It’s called Smarter and simply put it’s a CMS and business WordPress theme.

The idea behind Smarter Theme is to quickly build a presentation website for small and medium size companies without the need to touch a single line of code.

We’ve put together a screencast with a quick walk-through of the theme and its features. I hope you find it interesting and let me know what you think so far!

The theme will be released in January 2010 so if I got your attention
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About Cristian Antohe

Cristian Antohe is the co-founder Cozmoslabs. He's a WordPress developer, web designer and Open Source fanatic. He's part of the team that developed Profile Builder and WordPress Creation Kit and also helps curate

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4 thoughts on “Smarter Theme Teaser

  1. Hello Christi! I see an amazing theme is coming up!

    I’m just starting a small new project that I’ve to finish this year and would love to use smarter theme for it. If you like I could be your beta tester and give you my feedback.

    About your first screencast, just don’t tell anyone ;-)
    Its clear a more effective form of communication, needs less concentration instead of reading and you can give more focus on the features that are important and special.

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