Custom Profile Menus


With Custom Profile Menus Add-On you can add custom menu items:

  • Login / Register / Edit Profile in iFrame
  • Login + Logout or just Logout button

You can hide added items based on user role or choose to hide only for logged in / logged out users.


Download and activate

In order to download this plugin, you will need to go to your Cozmoslabs Account, login with the credentials used to purchase Profile Builder Pro or Hobbyist and then you will see your available downloads. From there, if you click on the Addons Download button you will be able to download Custom Profile Menus.



After downloading, unzip the downloaded file and copy the contents in the wp-content/plugins directory or just use the Upload Plugin functionality from your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.

Now head over to the Plugins section of the Dashboard and activate the add-on.

Menu Items Types


  • when user is not logged in – menu button is “Login” and takes user to login page.
  • when user is logged in – menu button is “Logout” and user can logout with just a click


  • user can logout with just a click

Login – iFrame:

  • opens login page in iFrame


Edit Profile – iFrame:

  • opens edit profile page in iFrame


Register – iFrame:

  • opens register page in iFrame


Menu Items Options

Form page URL:

  • URL of the page that contain the form.

Display Mode (choose who can see the menu item):

  • Everyone – every user can see it
  • Logged Out Users – only logged out users can see it
  • Logged In Users – only logged in users can see it
    • Here you can choose to display the menu item based on User Role