Democratize Multilingual WordPress – TranslatePress Beta

Big words for a big project.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to translate your WordPress site with an user interface that wasn’t an afterthought and the functionality looks like it was part of the core?

Where it works out of the box without having to add support to various plugins or themes.

Where the translation is stored locally, in your WordPress site, not on someone’s else server.

In December 2016 we started our own Mission to Democratize Multilingual WordPress.

These are big words for a big project that had to tick a lot of boxes:

  • GPL plugin and self hosted, you’ll own your translations
  • A free version that will allow you to translate all your WordPress site in a second language without limits
  • Translate what you see, using a friendly UI similar to the Customizer. No more messing around with weird and out of context interfaces
  • Full Integration with Google Translate API for initial translation, while the content is still served from the local database once translated
  • Really fast and cache-able by all WordPress caching plugins
  • SEO friendly, with support for title, slug, metadata and social graphs translations
  • Designed from the ground up to take into account all of WordPress weird quirks and features like slugs, menus, custom post types, Page Builders or Shops
  • Bring proper translation management tools for site owners, developers, agencies and translators combined
  • Create full multilingual websites without the hassle or cost of available tools

8 Months later and TranslatePress is live.

You can test it out, brake it, complain about, talk about how we don’t know what we’re doing or all of them combined. As long as we’re getting feedback we’ll be happy campers and we’ll put all that feedback to good use as soon as possible.

This is a short post, but you can read a lot more about why we built TranslatePress and our future plans here:

TranslatePress Beta


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