Extending the admin post filtering

We have a brand new plugin for all you WordPress maniacs out there.

Multiple filters in the posts management screen
Multiple filters in the posts management screen.

Now you can filter your posts in all imaginable ways, even by custom taxonomies! Download it via the official WordPress plugins repository.

Filter the admin post listing by:

  • authors
  • tags
  • custom taxonomies that you have declared

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28 thoughts on “Extending the admin post filtering

  1. Thanks for putting this out there! It’s a wonder this type of functionality isn’t built in.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you!

      We’ll add it to the WordPress extend sometime tomorrow. We also plan in the future to create an admin panel where you can select what extra filters will appear in the post management panel because some people have a lot of tags(thus not useful), but could be really handy for custom taxonomies.

      1. Yes I’d love to see a way to hide certain dropdowns (like how the Screen Options area works), so the filters area doesn’t become so cluttered. I have lots of custom taxonomies.

        OR, another great thing (for me!) would be a conditional-dropdown for the taxonomy terms. So the Dropdown#1 has my taxonomy names (Color, Genre, etc), and then Dropdown#2 populates with the Terms of the Taxonomy chosen in Dropdown#1. THAT would rock.

  2. Can this plugin or anyother that you know off can help in showing comments made on the posts of logged in user/author in admin panel.
    Suppose author A logs in to the admin control panel – then he should see only the comments made on his posts. So that he can moderate them without any clutter. At present all the authors are able to see every unmoderated comment.

  3. When I installed the plugin on WP 2.8.4 I regularly got the message: URL is too long, exceeds limit of the server.

    Any workaround?

  4. Ok, I thtink I found the problem. Its seems to be a conflict with Oliver Schöbes Admin Management Xtended plugin. Deactivating it solves the too long URL problem.

    There also seems to be a conflict with the plugin Edit Flow. All custom post statuses are listed as search parameters in your plugin, but not published.

    Both conflicts sadly render your plugin unusable for me right now since I heavily rely on the functionality of the other plugins.

    By the way: The SOI Manage Posts by Author plugin is also affected by the conflict with the Admin Management Xtended plugin. 🙁

    1. Try and do this:

      function custom_post_sorting( $orderby ){
      if (is_admin()) return "post_modified DESC";
      else return $orderby;

      add_filter( 'posts_orderby', 'custom_post_sorting' );

  5. Hey this could be very useful, thanks!

    One question: For me at least, the filtered results show only PUBLISHED posts. Posts that have any other Status are excluded. Is that how it works? Or is something not working correctly for me?


      1. Hmm. I have a post with Status=Draft, and a custom taxonomy “Sector”=Energy. The plugin adds a dropdown for Sector on the Edit Posts page, above the list of posts.

        When I select “Energy” from the Sector dropdown, with the “All” selected (for the publish-status links, above the dropdowns), and then click Filter, my draft post is NOT found. The Category dropdown, a wp default function, DOES find Draft posts. I’d love to know if there’s something wrong with my wp installation (a different one than my orig post 3/19/10), or a setting somewhere i’m missing, or what. Thanks!!

        1. The Post-Tags dropdown also works correctly (finds posts regardless of post_status). So it seems the issue I’m seeing is only with my Custom Taxonomies. Does that shed any light?

      2. Hi again. I played around further and found that if i FIRST click “Drafts” (in the status links), and THEN use one of the plugin’s dropdowns, my Draft Posts ARE found. And likewise if i first click “Published” (in the status links). These seem to work because wp pre-filters the posts by Status.

        However, when the “All” status is selected, the plugin still finds ONLY Published posts, not Drafts or Pendings.

        Is this just happening for me? I’d LOVE to use this plugin, but we need it to work for any publish-status.

  6. Hi all, fist of all i want to thank you for such a useful tool.

    It works nice, but I have one problem: classic filters in admin (date and category) remains there. So with the new filters of the plug in they appairs duplicated

    i have the last wordpress 2.92

    1. Yeah, I guess it’s pretty silly of us to also list link categories. It will be fixed if we release a new version. Thanks for reporting that!

  7. This was just what I needed! Thanks a lot. Can you modify it at all to only pick certain custom taxonomies at all? We have several and only require a few.

  8. I managed it by modifying the function to include more labels:

    if(($tax->label != 'Categories') && ($tax->label != 'Post Tags') && ($tax->label != 'Navigation Menus') && ($tax->label != 'Role') && ($tax->label != 'Post Type')) { // the categories dropdown is default wordpress behaviour

    But wondered if there was a setting that could be integrated?

  9. Hey, Just droping by to let you know that your plugin doesnt work if scribu’s “Query Multiple Taxonomies” plugin is running as well, Quite possibly could be -caused- by that plugin given the nature of it.

    Tested with a custom taxonomy.

    Also, @lewismc ‘s suggestion sounds great to me as well

    1. Thanks for the feedback. However I don’t think we’ll continue supporting this plugin. While it sounded good in the beginning we found it to be more of a distraction then an actual useful plugin.

      If this was a useful feature WordPress would have implemented it until now because it’s really easy to add.

      1. What a huge dissapointment. There are hundreds of plugins that are extremely useful that wordpress choose not to include because of the very nature of plugins. Deciding to no longer support on these grounds is frankly a huge let down.
        It is a useful plugin – a regular inclusion in our builds and although unlikely to be intergrated into WordPress this is no surprise.
        I say extend it and continue to support it. After all I had never heard of cosmozlabs until I found this plugin.
        Sorry to hear this.

  10. I found this plugin very helpful for my multi-author blog but when installed and activated my authors couldn’t see their own articles on the “Posts” menu, only the admin account could. I wish there were a way to easily filter posts by the author, how else are multi author blogs supposed to easily track author posts?

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