Safari Push notifications for WordPress how and why

Starting with October 2013, with Apple launching OSX Mavericks, Mac users running this operating system could start receiving safari push notifications for WordPress on their desktop not only from their installed apps (i.e. from Gmail or Skype) but also from websites that enabled this service.

To subscribe to a website, one need only visit it from Safari. Once they agree to the subscription, Safari is no longer needed. Actually, no browser is needed. Notifications will pop up in the top right corner.


Here’s some of the reasons why you should consider Safari Push Notifications

  • It offers a direct channel to your readers by delivering notifications straight to desktops
  • Readers don’t need to have a browser open or visit your site for notifications to pop up.
  • One click on a notification takes the reader straight to your content
  • Fast and effortless one click subscribing by clicking “Allow” when readers visit your site.

Do you really need Safari Push notifications for WordPress?

It really dose depend. The best way to see if it makes sense for you is to visit your traffic stats and see how many readers are using OSX as their operating system.

Here’s how the Operating system stats look like for Cozmoslabs in Google Analytics:


If you want to enable Safari Push Notifications from your WordPress website, it can be a bit complicated to implement it from scratch. The simplest way is to use a 3’rd party service that operates between your site and Apple’s notification server.

There are multiple services like this, however today we’ll use Push Monkey

The service works through a plugin available to download from the WordPress repository. Here are the quick steps to install and activate Safari Push Notifications using Push Monkey:

  • Download the plugin from
  • Once the plugin is activated, a pop-up notification will appear requiring to sign in. Click on the Sign In button to continue (even if you don’t have an account yet) or just go to the Push Monkey plugin settings page via the WordPress admin menu.
  • To sign up for a new account, just click on the “Sign Up” button next to the login form.
    Push Monkey sign up
  • Enter the information and details required.
    Push Monkey initial data
  • Upload your site icon or logo. This will help your reader identify the notification and content with your brand. Make sure that the image you upload is at least 256×256 pixels.
    Push Monkey selecting an icon
  • In the third and last step, you have to choose a price plan. If you already know the plan that best fits your needs, just select and continue with Paypal payments. Not sure? No problem, just go with the 30 day Free Trial. No credit cards required.
    Push Monkey choose the plan
  • That’s it! The moment you finish with selecting the plan, the initial sign in or sign up window is replaced with the dashboard and feature settings.
    Push Monkey dashboard

Integrating everything with your WordPress website

Once you have logged in to your account, you don’t have to do anything in order for your readers to be prompted if they wish to subscribe. They also get a heads up about this new feature when they access your website using a different browser than Safari:


You can personalize the color and text of the notification bar to better fit your site’s style and readers.

When writing a new post, you will automatically see a preview of your notification on the right:
Push Monkey push preview

One more important feature is granular filtering. If you want to be selective with which content you send out, you can easily filter which categories and post types will send out notifications and which ones won’t:

Push Monkey granular filtering


  • Safari Push Notifications for WordPress is really as simple as installing a plugin
  • While you have to do this through a 3’rd party, technically this is the most viable way to do it because you can’t just go directly from WordPress site to Apple. You have to have an approved server between them
  • If you have a lot of traffic from OSX Users it worth considering Safari Push Notifications for WordPress

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Safari Push Notifications or this plugin, just leave a comment.

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