My rss feeds keep on growing

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I just finished reading part of my feeds… and they just add up … again and again and again…

How much of all this information is useful is a question I’m sure others have asked a long time ago. It’s something I believe will take off even more with all the connections between social networks, the new OpenID (and similar ones), possibility to add content from your cell phone, etc.

To counter this trend of more and more content filtering applications like 9rules have appeared like a counter balance … This ever increasing torrent of information in my opinion has to lead to the new Web 3.0 As humans we don’t have the capability to sort all this information… and here comes the machine…

Welcome the SEMANTIC WEB

As humans we can do something else: organize the info we generate into recognizable patterns and then standardize the pattern. This way we can slowly link information and concepts, and no longer link pages. This pattern can then be parsed by machines. But we’re a long way from doing that, no matter how exciting this might seam.

So what can we do to sort all this in the mean time. Well… categorize and sort… if you don’t read something delete. Sounds simple right? I betters start deleting useless feeds my self.

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2 thoughts on “My rss feeds keep on growing

  1. Thank you… I didn’t expect such a warm welcome … both you and Ian Stewart congratulated me on the new design.
    I also really like what I saw on your blog … You’ve organized the info excellently and the colors are spot on…

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