Reflection Media. Finally here.

I haven’t wrote for some time now. I’ve been quite busy. A lot of time spent on client work but most of the time went to paperwork.

So I now present to you Reflection Media . It’s my child business. Basically it’s a web-design and developing firm with big plans for the future.

It’s a big step for me moving from freelancing to my own business even if it’s a small one.

It was thought up by me and my friend Adrian. I’m also happy to have onboard my friend Gabriel who will do all the programing we need for the web (and give me more time to design). Neither the web-site or the business plan are quite finished, but we wanted to go forward with it. One could consider this a beta version of the business :).

The website it’s built on the 2.7 version of WordPress. The theme for the web-site is also a child theme of thematic theme. I’ve changed a lot from the default thematic theme, added a single column template for my pages, and made changes to header. I have to give Ian Stewart my thanks for a great Theme Framework.

Also Gabriel made his first plugin for WordPress, WP Post Sorting. This plugin allows sorting of posts by Post Title (ascending or descending) or Post Date (ascending or descending), customizable for each category.

It’s been a slow but good start for us. We’ll have an English version of the web-site as soon as possible. Until then you can keep an eye on the Reflection Media Blog (which is in English).

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4 thoughts on “Reflection Media. Finally here.

  1. Well the thing is that you’ll always be testing your business! You create a plan, then monitor it all the time. See what works, doesn’t work, etc.

    Years ago I taught business plan classes. But I didn’t do my own until I took a class given on a one-page plan. Now that’s all I do.

    The thing about planning is that when you’re “finished for now” then that’s the time to take your objectives and monitor them, and do the same with your action plans.

    Then start all over again 🙂

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