WordPress Login and Registration with Email

Do you have users that would like to Log In and Register into your WordPress site by email? Knowing what a hurdle can be reminding a username, Profile Builder comes with a new feature to fix that issue.

Reckoning that an email address is unique and more personal than just a random user name and since we all want happy users, as owner of your WordPress site, you can make it easier for your users to Log In and register , by enabling this feature on your site.

To activate the Log In with email feature of the Profile Builder, you just have to download,install and activate the plugin, if you don’t already have it.

As admin of your WordPress site, you have to enter the Dashboard menu, and select the Users field, and the Profile Builder subfield.

Now just go to the ‘General Settings’ field and all you have to do is to select from the tab the ‘Allow Users to Log In with email” choice.

login with email

And that’s it. What’s left is letting your users be aware of the availability of the new option.

If it happens for you to be  an existing client of Profile Builder Pro you’ll automatically have access to the new feature via Automatic Updates or you can download the latest version via the Account Page.

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Login and Registration with Email

  1. Yeah I have that feature working. The only one hitch was that in some error messages it still says username.
    e.g., “The password you entered for the username ^&*((% is incorrect.”

    I found that error message comes from the user.php file in /includes/ in WordPress core. Changed it, even though it could be overwritten at anytime. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, but some users were confused.

    But yeah love the feature. In line with Facebook where people log in with email addresses.

    1. Hello,

      and thank you for letting us know about this. Do you refer to the error message you get when logging in in the back-end?

      Can you post a screenshot of the given page?

      Thank you very much!

  2. Does this mean that they can log in with Username Or Email (either), or do I still need to use a plugin like Email Login and leave this set to ‘Username’? It would seem that they are mutually exclusive in the settings.

      1. The only way it seems to work to allow logging in with Username or Email is if I set PB to ‘Username’ and also use Email Login. That way I can enter either ‘User’ or ‘user@domain.com’ in the same field. It would seem to be beneficial to have a 3rd option for ‘Username or Email’ to be able to ditch the Email Login plugin.

    1. I see what you mean, unfortunately this works differently then what you want or might expect.

      Also this only works on Profile Builder forms. This means while a user registers with an email, he’s username is automatically generated in the background. We’re not giving users the possibility to add their email in the user name field. We’re not displaying the user field at all and just make use of the email field.

      As for the possibility to login with ‘Username or Email’, yeah… we didn’t think of it (nobody asked about it until now). We’ll consider it for the future, but I just can’t promise any concrete timeframe.

      1. Well, as long as you keep improving/updating the plugin. 🙂

        It’s easy enough to implement with Email Login. I also changed the label to say ‘Username or Email’ instead of ‘Username’. You could use a plugin like Login Email Sync if you wanted the username to sync with email.

        I find cases where I want to show the users via username and hide the emails. But, I also want them to log in using their email in case they forget their username (it happens…). So, both have to be set via their preference.

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