Working on the blog design

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I made quite a few changes to the theme. New header, logo, typography and a nice RSS button. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make all these changes. The last time I implemented a WordPress theme I wanted to quit my job as a web-designer.

There are a few reasons behind all this easy, quick and relaxing way of creating a new theme:

  • I didn’t develop one from scratch and instead created a “Child Theme” – your theme inherits another theme and you just overwrite the css to suite your needs (also helps if you what to update your base theme to a new version)
  • The theme template on which my theme was developed, Thematic is really well developed (and it is continuous in development)
  • I already had the design done – I’ve thought of starting my own blog for quite some time now, but I’ve only managed to get the Photoshop layout done ( now I realize that I’ve delayed this for quite some time because I was scared of the time and effort I would have to put to create my own theme… guess I was wrong…)
  • I didn’t touch a single .php file… not even one… This is I would say is the main reason for such a quick and easy turnover (about 2 frustration free hours). The base theme is so well implemented that from css and a text widget I was able to make the changes… (the text widget was needed for my RSS icon )

This is by far a finished theme, but it’s a great start for me.

On the to do list I’ll add:

  • organize my blogroll links
  • change the information that is displayed on the right side of the blog
  • design the footer
  • add extra information to the footer (like popular posts… provided someone actually reads my blog šŸ™‚ )
  • maybe redesign the main body of the blog…
  • add information to the About page
  • create a contact page
  • redesign the comments area (currently it looks ok but it’s the default one from my template theme)
  • add link for homepage on logo

I’ll come with and new post about how my theme development evolves in a few days.

I still have a lot to learn from using WordPress. Initially I thought : “4 menu tabs in the admin interface??? I remember it to be a lot more complex… “. It turned out that it is šŸ™‚ . So besides learning to better communicate my ideas and concepts I’m also learning about this great blogging platform.

Until next time, have fun!

2 thoughts on “Working on the blog design

  1. Looking forward to that post on the development of your child theme. I think I’ll need to get a quote from you on using Thematic too! I really like what you’ve done here.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! I still have a long way to go on the theme but it’s been really easy so far. I’ll send you a quote tomorrow šŸ™‚ Cool…

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